December 18, 2002, 11:40 am
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This is the last week of my senior pastor’s sabbatical, so things may begin to loosen up a little in my schedule . . . except for the fact that the next couple of weeks are holiday weeks, and those are always a bit off in terms of consistency. I’m not sure what “it” is, but something seems to have broken through in me in the past couple of weeks. My head is in a better place, I’m making wiser choices, I’m more hopeful and relaxed in certain ways. I can’t say I’m significantly aware of the fact that it’s Christmas time though, because I feel like I’m kinda going through the motions, with the exception of writing the Advent reflections for our weekly candle lightings. I guess if I’m only aware of a little bit, that’s the right stuff to be aware of.

I’ll say this about these days of sabbatical for my friend: thanks to his down time, now I feel like I need some. I doubt I’ll get any around here, but no worries, I’ll be on a cruise ship in a few weeks. It won’t be all play, but it won’t be all work, either. I just hope the whole cruise ship illness epidemic is over.

I read the first chapter of The Divine Conspiracy this morning . . . slowly. Good stuff. I can tell already that this is the kind of book I’ll need to come back to every so often for a fresh take and a renewed perspective.


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