February 5, 2003, 3:56 pm
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Well, I met with the SoCal church planting “strategist” for my denomination over lunch yesterday. I thought I’d share here how it went. I ordered the Grilled Chicken Burrito, which was very very good.

Oh yea, we talked too . . . for over two hours. I have to say that I am still surprised at how well it went. I’ll admit that I went into the meeting with pretty low expectations – basically expecting to meet someone either mostly or completely unaware of what’s going on in the emerging church. What I found was a guy who has been a part of some innovative work and knows the emerging church fairly well. I intentionally lobbed some curve balls his way just to see what kind of response I’d get – and this guy responded well to just about everything – including the fact that I’ve been heavily influenced in my approach to church by my house church friends.

He’s wanting me to pray about doing a plant in San Diego as early as May, and he’s got some fairly enticing resources available to make that happen. I told him that I would pray about it with Michelle, and I will. I doubt it will actually happen, but who knows?

I’ll stay in conversation with this guy, whether or not we end up planting a church within the denomination. He’s a very helpful resource.

In the CD player right now: Queens of the Stone Age


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