May 9, 2003, 3:57 pm
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More thoughts on The Spontaneous Expansion of the Church . . . (this book is infecting me to the core)

In developing a mentality toward starting new communities of faith, we are not here to develop, adhere to, or promote a system or organization. We are here solely because we have experienced a fundamental and radical change personally. The change has brought hope into our lives. The change has brought security into our lives. The change has brought depth into our lives. The change has refreshed us in surprising, but profound ways.

We do not worship a creed, we worship a Creator. Our creed may hold importance to us, but only as an explanation of our experience. What creed could capture or compete with our personal knowledge of Jesus – the One who died to bring life to us, and free us from the law of sin and death.

We do not focus on format, because it ultimately does not matter. We focus on a person. Because of this, we can worship at all times and in all places.

When we come together, it is not for our sake alone, but for God. Yes, it is very good for us as well, and yes we do enjoy ourselves when we gather. But we are not the focus.

These thoughts are in response to Roland Allen’s writing regarding our fear for doctrinal soundness when it comes to a spontaneous outbreak of the gospel. We (the power holders) worry and fret over whether something screwy will get taught by new believers because they’re new believers. Oh yea, that’s faith for ya! I have so much repenting to do, it rips me to shreds.


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