May 26, 2003, 4:51 pm
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Kinda tired right now . . . tiring holiday weekend here. Good stuff mostly, but definitely tiring. On Saturday I felt the need to outdo myself from last weekend (I waxed my truck), so I went after some weeds. Now, you have to realize that our house sits on an acre and a half, which must mean I have something close to an acre worth of weeds. And when I say weeds, I’m talking about beasts that are taller than I am. Yea, so between my weed whacker and my father-in-law’s line trimmer, I knocked out a good bit, but whew!!

Yesterday we visited some close friends of ours up in Temecula, about an hour north of us. We had dinner, celebrated a birthday, and went to see Reloaded. Our friends didn’t like the movie so very much, but I think I did.

Just got home a few minutes ago from being on top of an extension ladder at the in-laws. Just a little sattelite TV repair work. Before that, we hung out at the Evans place for a little BBQ fun. Actually, it was a lot of BBQ fun. Their community of faith is really cool – good folks who know how to enjoy God and one another in the middle of their lives.


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