September 28, 2003, 5:16 pm
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O.k., enough whining about my IT woes. I’m too stoked on a great weekend at the Unconference to complain, anyway. It was indeed a good, Spirit driven and Christ honoring weekend. As we were debriefing in Jason’s living room this morning, one of the words used to describe it was “trinitarian.” Yep, the Three in One showed up and we had a beautiful experience.

I fully expected this, but Jason and Brooke did an amazing job of hosting this thing in their home. The whole Matthew’s House community was wonderful in preparing meals and helping out behind the scenes too.

I was so pleased to spend time with some friends I had known only through the internet before now. Kevin and Tracy Rains were generous in taking time out of their 10th Anniversary vacation to be with us, and Tawd and Sharon Bell from Cincy came out too. The VC crew definitely represented! Palmer and Micah were here from Columbus, and Keck popped in from Idaho. Then on Saturday, Charlie Wear showed up too. He has posted a recap with photos of the weekend over on Next-Wave.

Getting to know some new friends was also clutch. Tom Cotter stayed with Michelle and I. We had some good talks with so many others. I’d start listing names, but I know I’d forget some and regret it. If you were there, just know that I’m thankful for your impact on me, and that I look forward to the next time we do this thang.

We had some good group conversations about life in the Kindgom – how it applies to spiritual transformation, raising kids, community living, walking out the gifts of the Spirit, inviting others to follow Jesus. We heard some really encouraging stories. Then we had an awesome prayer time, and the Spirit moved in a big way. Some people got some really encouraging words. It was so awesome to watch the love of Christ permeate that place, especially given that there was an amazing diversity of theological backgrounds present.

It was really powerful to experience a little taste of Kingdom life. We came together from all over the continent and immediately dug into the good stuff of life.

I’ll share more later, but this was rich.


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