October 7, 2003, 3:39 pm
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I did not vote today. I still have nearly five hours left to vote. I will not vote. It’s not that I’m apathetic about the recall election of California’s governor. Quite frankly, like an apparent majority of Californians, I don’t like him. It would not sadden me to see him bounced.

However, I’m not voting because I’m in a process of reconsidering what my role and participation ought to be as a citizen of California, and the United States. I’m not angry or ashamed of my citizenship, as some might be. It’s just that I’ve been embracing my primary citizenship as part of the Kingdom of Christ. I have a desire to think of myself first in those terms, and in other terms later.

I have a good friend who became a U.S. citizen a couple of years ago. He had the option of retaining citizenship in his country of origin, but chose to renounce it in order to fully embrace America as his home. I respect that position. I’m trying to see how it plays out in my own scenario. I am still in process of landing on all of this, and I don’t know where I finally will touch down. But until then, I guess I’ll be on the political sidelines.


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