October 13, 2003, 11:43 am
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And a very good weekend it was. Michelle and I enjoyed the Equilibrium experience. A lot of it was your basic intro to the modern/postmodern shift yada yada, but I think it was better than most, since it was in the heart of a pretty postmodern city, and part of the experience included walking around in it. We spent time on the border of Chinatown and Little Italy Friday night. Had dinner at Mona Lisa’s in Little Italy – this is the kind of place where you have a sneaking suspicion that someone might get whacked by the end of dinner. Great stuff, though. We did a walking freestyle meditation in the city’s botanical gardens Saturday morning, hung out in a “session” at Dieter Zander’s place, and then went to the Paige Street center for lunch.

As with most other events of its kind, the real value of this gathering was in the conversations over dinner and walking around. Michael Toy and Sean Blomquist were there – I met them last year at Seed Stories. We also got to hang out a bit with some fellow bloggers, Joshua and Kristen from Dallas.

Michelle and I stayed at the home of Mark and Lisa Scandrette. They live in the Mission district of the city in really cool house built in the 1920s or something. We really enjoyed hanging out with them and laughing a lot. We walked to a Thai place for dinner. My mouth waters just remembering it.

I know I’ve said this before, but I’m really stoked that Michelle was there with me this weekend. I think she enjoyed the conversation, and I know she added to it a lot. I write more this week about some specific thoughts that were shared, but both she and I had some things confirmed for us, and we’re still happy to be on this journey of following Jesus. It helps so much when we spend time with people who embrace an honest look at life and culture and the kingdom of God.


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