November 3, 2003, 2:00 pm
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Uh, did you notice what I posted here yesterday evening? Yea, well, it happened again.

So here I am for the third time trying to write the same basic information. Soon veins will be visibly protruding from my neck and forehead, my skin will turn an altogether unnatural shade of red, and I will be grunting neanderthal curses through tightly clenched teeth. Never fear – I will faithfully wipe the frotht drool from the corners of my mouth and blog on . . . however, I will significantly shorten what I write today.

Saturday morning: good times hanging with Jason and Josh in OC. Josh drinks a lot of coffee. Jason drives his car like Trinity drives her motorcycle in Reloaded. We laughed, we talked Kingdom, we figured out how to rule the world. See there, now the rest of you can take the week off.

Saturday afternoon: found the missing horse.

Sunday: put together a pipe corral to put the horse in. Michelle and her dad brought the horse “home” today.

Today: back to work for the first time since the fire. Going to get accupuncture treatment for my shingles later. Never had accupuncture before. Cool.


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