December 17, 2003, 5:27 pm
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Let’s try this one more time . . . I’ve recently lost at least three posts to cyberspace. While I appreciate what Blogger has done to open up new spheres of community, my user satisfaction has been tepid lately. I guess I’ll have to start writing my posts into a word processor so they won’t get lost.

On Sunday Michelle and I “went to church” (we don’t really like “going to church” these days) at our old home church. Our friend, former boss, and former pastor resigned during the service. It was a bittersweet experience for me. In one way it’s very hard because I love the church a lot and I know they’re going to be challenged in the days ahead. In another way, I’m very excited for my friend, Ron. He and his family will be moving to Seattle to work with a group of churches in our denomination. It’s a great fit for him, and it will be a wonderful opportunity for he and his wife to engage in ministry together again.

Later that day Michelle and I lit the third candle of Advent and talked about the Joy of the Messiah who has come into the world and our lives.

I’ve continued to go out into our community and engage in conversations with people. I’ve had some good initial talks with several folks. I haven’t “witnessed” to anyone (that’s a good thing, right?), but I’ve gotten the ball rolling with some folks that I plan to see again.


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