January 15, 2004, 11:37 am
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Here are some random thoughts I’ve had recently . . .

1. What’s the deal with Howard Dean? Don’t know much about his politics (don’t care really), but he’s sure got the peoples buzzin’.

2. Sloppy hair – the kind that I used to get in trouble for having when I was a kid – is cool now. Michelle keeps yelling at me to get my hair cut, but hey, sloppy hair is cool. I’ve thought about shaving my head, but there are three problems with that:

a) I have a full head of hair. When I see guys my age with shaved heads, I usually wonder if it’s because they’re balding.

b) A shaved dome would show off the lovely scar from where the doctors used 10 staples to put my head back together about eight or nine years ago.

c) I might frighten small children.

3. I listen to way too much public radio.

4. Pop music these days (yes, I include “alternative rock” in this category) pretty much sucks. There are a few decent bands and artists, but so few and far between.

5. A turkey sandwich is quite tasty with cranberry preserves on it.

6. I hope Peter Jackson wins the best director Oscar this year.

7. This is my new life verse.

8. Seven thoughts is probably enough.


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