February 2, 2004, 3:53 pm
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Three months ago, after the largest wildfire in California history took the home of my father-in-law and mother-in-law, they moved in with me and Michelle. This past weekend, they moved out – into a small nearby house that they are renting. Michelle and I are experiencing a strange set of feelings – some sadness and some relief. I would guess that my in-laws, Matt and Marge feel the same way. In their case, though, they get a chance to spread out a little bit and have some privacy in their own place while their new home is being built. I’m very glad they stayed with us, and I’m glad for the chance to have done this. But there is relief – the house is quieter without the three dogs and two cats here, there are fewer things to step around with two less people here, and we have more privacy too.

Michelle and I “went to” church yesterday morning, here in Ramona. We’ve never set foot in a church building here before, despite having lived here three years now. It was about what I’d expect from a Ramona church – folksy, mid-westy, and unpolished. The teaching was, er, um . . . o.k., I’ll just say it – the sermon sucked. Maybe the guy was having an off day or something, but wow. I wasn’t looking to be impressed with a great show, and I do know what it takes to preach, but this wasn’t good. All of this is o.k., really, except that their bulletin says that they’re a “Purpose Driven Church.” Hmmm, I may have to alter my expectations a little.

Michelle and I watched the Super Bowl yesterday. Good game, once the teams figured out how to score points. Saw the half-time show. Saw Janet. Let me just say this – turn off the stinkin’ television the next time you see a “news” report about that silly staged event, refuse to talk to anyone around the water cooler about it, and go about your life as though you don’t know and don’t care what happened (and if you’re blessed to not know what I’m talking about right now, all the better). My advice is not from a place of moral outrage. No – who cares about Janet Jackson’s boob?!! Only the gullible suckers who have bought the hype that this matters. Grow up people! O.k., I’ve now said more than I should have in order to follow my own advice.


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