April 29, 2004, 8:49 am
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Weird week. Hard week. Michelle’s company is going through transition . . . still. Her department director was informed the other day that his services will no longer be required as of the end of the year. The company is closing the facility she works in, and moving everyone to one of four places: their Oceanside facility that isn’t operational yet, their facilities in North Carolina, their facilities in Cambridge, Mass., or the unemployment line. She’s been told numerous times that she is on the “valuable employees we definitely want to keep around” list, but somehow it isn’t very reassuring. The company seems to be trying hard to help people despite the difficult decisions they’re making – tough stuff, though.

On a purely selfish note, the company might offer to fly employees and their spouses to the east coast to get tours and figure out if they’re interested in moving. I don’t think we’re into the idea of moving, but I’m trying to talk Michelle into taking a tour at Cambridge anyway . . . free airfare, free hotel, meal allowance. Sounds good to me . . . even if I have to buy my own tickets to a Red Sox game at Fenway (I’m assuming the hot dogs and pretzels would be covered in the meal allowance). O.k., I’m a jerk.


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