August 13, 2004, 9:04 am
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Busy days around here. I’m putting Michelle on a plane for Portland, OR this afternoon – she’s judging some equestrian rating thingy. She gets home late Sunday night, and I’m splitting for Vegas early Monday morning. I’ll be going to a Church Planting Movements seminar all next week. Should be interesting – exploring the possibilities of using some of lessons learned overseas to North American culture. Jeez, I thought we westerners were the ones with all the answers, and now I’m finding out that God loves non-white, non-republican, non-men, non-hierarchical church types too. Mind blowing, really. (Just in case I ever run for public office and these words get used against me, let me clarify that this last statement is purely satirical and I am not in favor of white, republican, male, hierarchical church types).

I’ll get back late Friday night. So, as if my blog posts had been very regular anyway, I’m guessing I won’t have a chance to be near a computer for several days.

Then the next week it looks like I’m going to another training event in Ft. Worth, TX. Uh, yee-hah I guess.



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