October 21, 2004, 7:31 am
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First it doesn’t rain for six months, then we get six months worth of rain . . . in three days. It’s good because this area really really needs it, but bad because after everything is saturated, the water just runs off into the street drains, or takes some mud into unwanted areas. It’s good for my landscaping project because I’ve been able to very easily dig some irrigation trenches that normally would have taken hours worth of heavy labor, but bad because I was scheduled to pour concrete today and had to cancel because I couldn’t build the forms. Hopefully we’ll get a bit of a break for a few days, but I hear there’s another batch of the wet stuff on its way.

I’m meeting with an elder from my sponsoring church tomorrow. Mostly it’s just a couple of friends sitting down over lunch to catch up on life. What he doesn’t know is that I’ll have a letter with me informing him and the rest of the elders that our church plant is ending.

In other news, I’ve been watching way too much TV lately. Michelle and I don’t watch a whole lot of baseball during the regular season, but we usually get dialed in during the playoffs. So, yeah, we’ve been watching baseball. Fun stuff . . . unless you’re a Yankees fan. Of course, if you’re a Yankees fan, you’ve had more than your share of the fun over the years – which is why the rest of us love to see you lose. I’m pulling for the Red Sox to win the World Series. Honestly, I’d much rather see either of the NL teams beat Boston, but I want “the curse” to end, just so people will shut up about it already.

O.k., that’s all.


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