December 2, 2004, 3:18 pm
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So I just heard part of a public radio interview with a couple of guys who made a film about the politics of evangelicals in America. I had already been contemplating whether or not I would fall into the category of evangelicals, and I think this may have tipped the scale. While I may hold a majority of the same doctrinal and/or socio-political positions, it seems that I am increasingly out of step. For one thing, I’m not Republican. I know, I know, Jimmy Carter isn’t either. For another thing, I don’t believe that the best approach to “being salt and light” is through political campaigning and power grabbing. Also, I struggle with the degree to which the category’s definition seems to change depending on who’s got the microphone. There are times when I hear someone speaking in very simple terms, and I think, “Yeah, that’s me. I guess I am evangelical after all.” Then there are other times when I hear one of the major voices of evangelicalism in the media, and I just shake my head and walk away.

More than anything, the label lacks value. Again, simplicity in following Jesus will do far more good than trying to define myself or anyone else for that matter.


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