February 18, 2005, 9:24 am
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Quick post before I dive into the pile of work I’ve got today. I’m still not carrying my full case load yet, but I’ve got something like 28 clients so far. It’s super busy trying to track these folks down, schedule them for appointments, follow up on housing, probation, and funding issues. I’ve learned very quickly that this job will require some discipline in order to manage the stress.

Meeting with the clients so far has been cool. Very interesting folks – some are interesting primarily because of where their own life choices have taken them, and some are interesting because of some serious brain chemistry issues. I was telling Michelle the other day that my theology of angels and demons will be testing and perhaps changed significantly by my work here. I’m absolutely certain that several of the clients I’ve seen would have been characterized in scripture as demon posessed. Figuring out which are and which aren’t may be tricky – the agency doesn’t exactly give me the freedom to sit a client down and say, “Before we get started, I just need to cover one important topic: I TELL ANY SPIRITUAL FORCE OF DARKNESS AT WORK IN YOU TO LEAVE NOW IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!!” Exorcism is not part of the job description.

I’m pondering lots of things in working with these clients. I don’t have the time to write about them now. That’s probably a good thing. Some of this is still too new to me, and I’m likely to write something stupid.


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