June 8, 2005, 6:05 am
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Life on the job has been tiring lately. Yesterday I was on my cell phone during what was a poor excuse for a lunch break and we had another client meltdown. I was speaking with someone in a seminary office, and then all of a sudden loud swearing, namecalling, threats . . . but thankfully no physical violence. A few days ago we had a similar situation from a different client. A few days before that we had one too.

If I told you about the kind of client issues I’ve dealt with in the past week, I’d be borderline unethical and/or illegal, so I can’t go into specifics. Here are some general client issues I’ve got now, though: a client who honestly believes that he’s hung out recently with the likes of Shania Twain, Elton John, and the guys from Pink Floyd (all in a ratty little bar in Seattle); a client who has been known to eat foreign objects (pencil, toothbrush, razor blades); a client who can’t get into his apartment because it got raided by police investigating a crack cocaine ring; a client who aspires one day to detonate a device that will destroy the West Seattle bridge.

I’m ready for a boring week right about now.


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