July 6, 2005, 6:47 pm
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“As long as we keep attacking the symptoms of social disease–the so called offenders–then our problems will keep getting worse. Some day (soon I hope) society will be forced to “wake up” and recognize how it propagates its own misery by denying the truth that criminals are victims too.”

This is a post from Joseph Duncan’s blog. He’s the accused kidnapper, and likely to be accused murderer of the family in Idaho. It’s getting enough play already, so I won’t link to it here. The scary thing is that what he writes is largely correct. I work with sex offenders all the time – in every case I’ve seen, without exception, the child molester was sexually abused in childhood himself/herself. It certainly doesn’t excuse anything – please understand that I’m not saying that. Just know that these are tormented people. And if we are to think of them as enemies, then do what Jesus would, and pray for them. And then mourn and pray even harder for those they have harmed, that they will heal from their hurts and not become offenders themselves.


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