July 31, 2005, 12:27 am
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I think I just at the best burrito I’ve ever had. That’s what my taste buds are telling me. My head tells me I’ve had better, but I gotta tell ya, it was good. One of the things I took for granted in all my years in SoCal is the availability of a greasy burrito at any time of the day or night. I’ve been jonesing for a greasy burrito for so long . . . and after being here for a few days, I finally got one. Delightful. Super Sergio, your taco shop rocks.

The wedding tonight was awesome. Everything went smoothly. The couple was beautiful. The reception was terrific. I had some awesome conversations with people I met for the first time – people who are hungry for spiritual depth beyond the cultural bs of regular church. It’s weird to me, because I know that the conversations were directly related to the fact that I officiated the wedding, and so I was the default person to have a spiritual dialogue with. One guy I talked to was honest enough to a)smoke a cigarette while talking to the “preacher” (a title I’ve always had difficulty accepting), b)admit that he was a little drunk while talking to me, and c)admit that he was jealous of the groom because he was going to have sex tonight, and my new friend wishes it was him. By the way, none of the above would “be allowed” in the culture this guy is from, but for some reason, he felt comfortable enough with me to be real.

This encourages me regarding the state of the emerging church. The more we welcome people on their terms and not ours, the more dialogues like this we’ll have. Especially when it comes to people who have come from the Christian ghetto, we need to make space for people to admit that there’s a lot of broken stuff in their lives – stuff that it hasn’t been safe enough in churches to talk about.

Tomorrow’s my last day in San Diego – more wedding stuff in the morning, and then a family get together. It’s been cool hanging out with my parents, and seeing my sister and her kids. The kids keep telling me how much they miss me and how much they love me. Makes a guy feel good. Oh, and my mom has been letting me drive around her new car – it’s a Toyota Prius hybrid. Pretty cool, really – but it’s weird to push a button to start the thing, and then just hear a quiet hum – I keep waiting for the engine to turn over, but it just hums for a few seconds before I realize that yes, the car is ready to drive now, so let’s get on with it.

I miss my wife. It’s hard to be a part of a wedding, without having my own wedding partner with me. I’ll see her in about 40 hours, though. Off to bed now.


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