August 14, 2005, 2:07 am
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What does one do when one cannot sleep and one does not know why? One blogs. I’ve been surfing other blogs for a while, but apparently, other people are interesting enough to me to keep me awake. Perhaps I am boring enough to put myself to sleep . . .

I read an article earlier over on Wired about a Mac OS hack that allows people to run it on regular PCs. I’m currently in the market for a new notebook, so that was interesting to me. My very first computer was a Mac, but I haven’t had one since. I’ve looked at the iBooks and Powerbooks for the sake of comparison, but have kinda decided to stick with the good ‘ol budget PC. And now this – could it be the best of both worlds? Not quite yet – while I love the concept of, and regularly use open source software, this thing is still firmly in the “hack” class, which I’m not really down with. Oh yeah, and in order to use the hack, you have to first download some pirated software. Not cool.

O.k., I’ve just said way more about computers than I’m qualified for, so I’ll shut up and try (yet again) to get some sleep. I’ve never been good at counting sheep.


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