August 18, 2005, 5:57 am
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It’s been an interesting couple of weeks at the new job. I’ve walked into a place that has a ton of potential and a ton of major issues to deal with. The potential is obvious – my office is in a frat house on Greek Row, literally across the street from UW. At the corner of the house is a cross-walk used by hundreds (thousands?) of student each day. The challenges are also sadly obvious. Despite the fact that our frat house has rentable rooms for students that in theory generate significant enough income to run our ministry, we have been bleeding red ink. Example: I have $200 in the ministry checking account – and over $700 in bills, all of which are at least 90 days over due. Oh, and it’s payroll week. Ouch.

One of the past due bills is for the internet connection. It got cut off. So that means 100% of my e-mail/web time has been at home, rather than at the office. Painful. Fortunately today or tomorrow I’m planning to fix that by spending even more money that I don’t have on a business grade internet service that will allow us to hit all of our residents with a free wifi hotspot. Oh yeah, and I just placed an order for a new notebook computer, so even when I’m not at the office or at home, I can still check e-mail, etc. I think I got a pretty good deal from Dell, but given that they’re a build-to-order place, and it’s back to school time, it’s gonna be a while before my new toy arrives.


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