November 18, 2005, 10:14 am
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Back from New York. Very interesting trip, on several levels. I’m still processing some thoughts on what I experienced, but overall it was a good time. I saw much more of the city than I had thought I would going in – again, I didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about it before getting on the airplane to go. I’ll cut out the detailing of everything I saw and did, just so I don’t sound like too much of a tourist. Here are a few of my favorite moments, though:
– seeing a team of break-dancers in the subway at Grand Central Station
– Columbia University’s amazing campus
– attending my first ever Catholic mass . . . at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

I don’t know if this next one qualifies as a favorite or not, but it was kind of funny. On Tuesday night, I was with my travel buddies in Times Square. Big crowd of people standing around. And then a Garth Brooks concert breaks out! The Country Music Awards were in town, and they did a live concert shot right there to open the show. I couldn’t quote you two lines from any Garth Brooks song if my life depended on it, but it was pretty crazy. The “concert” consisted of him doing the same song three times – two practice runs, and then the broadcast version.

My reason for going to NY in the first place was to check out a leadership school that my denomination has sponsored. We met with one of the guys who runs it. Interesting stuff, but definitely different than what we have in mind for inter::mission. Theirs is a very safe version of what we’ll do (safe in several senses that I won’t go into here). I did learn a good bit that will help with the administrative side of the set-up, though.

We also got to get a first hand look at a larger effort being given to New York City by the denom. I have to be honest – while a lot of effort is being put forward into church planting, with some “success”, I walked away significantly troubled. I am very conflicted right now in my feelings about this stream. Their efforts at being progressive, especially in terms of ministry to urban areas, seem to be just a new take on colonialism within our own borders. I won’t elaborate here on this, but as always, anyone reading this is welcome to e-mail me for follow-up dialogue.

At this point, I’m just really glad to be home. I really missed Michelle, and am looking forward to hanging out with her a bit this weekend. I’m working a lot this weekend, but I’ll have some time with her too.

Next week – SoCal for Thanksgiving. I’m not sure what our schedule is, but I hear there’s a pretty cool thing going on at the Evans‘ home on Friday. As a positive take on Buy Nothing Day, the Ecclesia Collective is hosting Make Something Day.


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I’m pretty interested in your take on church planting in NYC.



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