November 28, 2005, 1:17 pm
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Well, it looks like we made it through a very very busy month around here. We flew in from San Diego this morning. Great weather all weekend – wearing t-shirts and sandals most of the time . . . and then we get off the plane to 34 degrees in Seattle, with a possible forecast of snow for tonight. I’m not complaining, but moving to SoCal for the weather is making more sense to me now than it used to.

We had a good time with family and friends. Way too much food – but it was good food. ‘Nuff said about that. It was definitely good to see everyone – see how the nephews and niece are growing up, share prolonged air space with our parents, catch up with folks we haven’t gotten to talk to for a while. Heck, it’s only been a couple weeks, but we got to see Jason again – but this time there was a bonus of spending time at the Hawthorne house with Brooke, Paige, and some of the Ecclesia community.

Glad to be back home to at least make an attempt at re-establishing a rhythm for the next month, at which time we travel once again.

I was able to pick up and read about half of Anne Rice‘s first book in a new series: Christ the Lord, Out of Egypt. I’ll write more about that later. Time to get some work done.


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