December 19, 2005, 9:06 am
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O.k., so I hardly ever ever ever talk about sports here. But yesterday Michelle and I went out of our way to watch the San Diego Chargers play the undefeated Indianapolis Colts. We had to go to a sports bar to see it. We actually had to request that one of the 436 televisions in the place be tuned in to see the game – almost all the rest were on the Seattle Seahawks game. Unlikely as it may have seemed, the Chargers got the win. Made me happy for all the folks back home in SoCal. The Chargers may not even make it to the playoffs this year, but that win will make the long off-season feel a bit better.

Now we will cheer for Indy to win the Super Bowl. We always liked Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy before, but we’ve made good friends with a few folks from Indy land this year, which makes it even more fun now.


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As “the friends from Indy”, I’m glad you are cheering for the Colts now… but don’t you live in Seattle? Don’t you want to jump on the Seahawks bandwagon?

Comment by jeremy

Uhhhh, yeah, I forgot. I’ve actually watched at least half of the Seahawks games this year, even before I knew they would be so good. The playoffs should be fun to watch. As lifelong Chargers and Padres fans, I always said that if I ever moved to another city, I would take up that city’s teams and cheer for them (of course, I WOULD NEVER cheer for the Raiders or the SF Giants). Fortunately, the Seahawks and Mariners are in opposite conference/leagues from our home teams, so cheering for both is easier. Confession: Michelle and I went to see the Padres play the Mariners earlier this year, and we cheered for the Pads.

Comment by Steve


I still think it shall be Seattle and Indy in the big game.

Comment by Bill Bean

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