Coming up for air
January 12, 2006, 9:20 am
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It’s been another very busy week in my world. I’ve spent time in good places with good people. I’d do some name dropping, but most readers of this blog either wouldn’t know or wouldn’t be impressed by the list anyway.

I don’t know whether or not yesterday qualified, but if so, we’ve had 25 days in a row of measurable rainfall here. You might say, “It’s Seattle, isn’t that normal?” Well, no, actually, it’s not. The all time record is 33 days. This is the most consecutive days of rain since the 1950s or 60s. I don’t find myself depressed or anything – it’s just that the more it keeps raining nonstop, the more leaks I discover at the Purple Door. I had to bring my shopvac in yesterday to try to clean up the basement. In my back to back to back to back meeting schedule yesterday I didn’t have time to use it, though. Oh well, maybe today.

I came down sick a few days ago. It’s the first time I’ve been sick with more than a headache or bad allergies in a year and a half. Sadly, with my kind of week, I haven’t had the luxury of calling in sick. I think things are beginning to get a bit better.

In other news, I have a confession to make. I’ve been spending too much of my online time at websites that are, well, bad for me. Don’t worry – there aren’t pictures on these sites, just words. But they’re words describing some of the political in-fighting taking place within my denom right now. Those of you who aren’t aware of it yourselves will have to find information and opinion elsewhere, because I’m truly trying to be a peaceful person of grace here, but this stuff makes it hard. When people ask me why I stay within my denom, there are two reasons that I offer, and the issue at hand seriously jeopardizes one of them.

The really interesting thing about this situation is that the boil over point for what’s taking place relates to blogging of all things. Some political types in positions of supposed power are getting all stirred up because one of their own has been blogging about his thoughts. Good for him.

I may return to this issue at a later date, with more details and opinions in tow, but for now I need to let my words be few.


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