Frightening excitement
January 15, 2006, 10:22 am
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Now that I’ve been in my collegiate ministry gig for nearly six months, you’d think I would have the hang of things. You’d think . . . but you might not be right. Not that you’d be completely wrong, either, but you might expect better results out of me. In my defense, I’ve been working on three distinct tracks: current campus ministry, development of future campus ministry/educational dream (inter::mission), and business operations. Each of these could be a thing unto themselves.

inter::mission is at a kinda scary stage right now, though. We’ve done the dreaming and defining and development of formats to make things work, and I’ve gotten the necessary buy-in from the right people, and I’ve begun letting people know what we’re up to and started inviting them to walk with us in the adventure. I’ve been really pleased with the way people have responded to things – seems like there is some genuine interest in what we’re up to. Cool. Except now that the word is getting out, and a little bit of a buzz is being generated, I’m beginning to think, “Crap!! Now I actually have to pull this thing off!” Moving from dream stage to execution will be tricky in many ways. Financially, there has to be a transition which is really risky. Staffing will be a big big thing – I’m gonna need help very soon (which in turn relates back to financial stuff). Getting participants to actually commit to something that doesn’t currently exist will be fun. Lots of stuff that keeps me awake in the middle of the night (like last night).

And yet, I continue to be super stoked about what we’re about to do. The more I work on stuff, the more it becomes a do-able reality, and the more I anticipate things. I honestly don’t think I was ever this dialed in to church planting when I was doing that – I believed in it, and had vision, and worked hard, mind you, but I don’t remember my skin getting all tingly over it the way this seems to make me. That’s fun stuff. But yeah, it’s scary. Pray for me friends. Invite others to pray for us. I really want that to be a part of all we do – the thing that drives us into dreaming the scary stuff, and the thing that sustains us in the middle of it.


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