So now, let me get this straight . . .
January 26, 2006, 9:17 am
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. . . the U.S. went to war in Iraq in order to remove a “terrorist” from power and bring about reforms related to democracy. Meanwhile, in Palestinian democratic elections, a “terrorist” organization that the U.S. refuses to talk to was just elected to power. Yeah, right, good luck with that.


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ah, yes… “democracy” is always the answer isn’t it? oh, crap! what if the bad guys figure out that democracy is just a system too and all they have to do is work the system to their favor? doh! didn’t think of that one… Maybe this “Americanizing the world” scheme needs to be re-evaluated?

Comment by Anonymous

I think that the results of the elections in Palestina are just one message “that oppressed peoples in all the world are taking responsibility and standing against the Empire of money”, like happened in Latin America (Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela …)

Comment by Times of Refreshing

Amen to that. Grrrrr. This is what I don’t like – acting like we’re doing something “good” when we’re not!!! Way to expose that, Steve. I can’t wait till we get a chance to chat!

Comment by Vanessa

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