What Andrew Jones (a tall skinny kiwi) would say to American emerging churches
February 13, 2006, 7:14 pm
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Beware of those who say they say “truth” and yet are not honest. The real truth-tellers, who you will know by the fruit of godly lives, will also be committed to telling the whole story, whether it is what their audience wants to hear or not, and they will be quick to repent if they are wrong.
Beware of those who say they say “truth” but are no longer approachable by people of lower standing or accountable to the wider church.
Beware of those who say “church” but have rejected those parts of the family of God that no longer resemble themselves.
Beware of those who say “God’s Word” and yet preach the thoughts of humans, who very rarely allow the reading of the Bible in a public place for fear of what might happen if ordinary people encountered the Scriptures WITHOUT their particular interpretation.
Beware of those who say “holy” and are still like the world in their ways and deeds. The way of the world in USA is often to seek polarities, to refuse friendship, to embrace hostility, to see the rest of the world as either allies or enemies. Wars are waged on worldly thinking like this. Lets not be the same as the world. The way of Jesus is not always the way of James and John who thought fire-blasting the opponents of their Lord would be a satisfactory alternative. Do not let the world squeeze you into its mold. Imitate Jesus.

Read more here for one of the best rants by one of the smartest guys representing the best of what the emerging church is all about.


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