A Sweet Weekend in Portland
February 19, 2006, 4:41 pm
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O.k., that title there is downright cheesy, but I’m tired and lack for creativity at the moment. It refers to Leonard Sweet, who taught the class I attended at George Fox Seminary this weekend. Lots of good thoughts coming out of that. Prior to this class, I had only read one of Len’s books. He’s very widely read and brings these things together in interesting ways.

I think one thing I’d say about him is that he writes (and then speaks) good sentences. Reading his stuff and listening to his lectures reminded me of when I used to write music reviews for magazines – basically I would listen to a CD and come up with one or two sentences (sometimes only one or two words), around which I’d write the rest of the review. I got the feeling that that’s how Len works – maybe that has more to do with how I listen than how he writes/speaks, I don’t know.

He gave the class some clues and notes that go along with his new book that will be out in a couple of months, as well as another book that he’s working on. Good stuff.

It was a fun class – good conversations with classmates like Adele and Peter and Adam.


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