A couple of interesting articles
March 31, 2006, 12:40 pm
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The Criswell Theological Review has a couple of interesting reads. The first is an interview with Brian McLaren, describing his understanding of . . . er . . . Emergent/emerging church stuff. It represents his own perspective, which is a bit more politically reactionary than emerging church folk I generally talk to. Also, there was an unfortunate blending of terms as if to suggest that Emergent (as in the “official conversation”) is synonymous with the emerging church (which I have experienced as a much broader, diverse movement/phenomenon). With that said, I liked what McLaren had to say, and think the critiques he offers of the state of church in the Western world are fair . . . and, yes, generous.

The other article is “A Pastoral Perspective on the Emergent Church,” which again, seems to be an unfortunate blurring of terms, written by Mark Driscoll. It’s a cordially written summarization of his experience of the emerging church. Again, it’s his own take, so you gotta take it as such – especially his list of the “most important issues” facing the emerging church. Happily, this represents the kinder side of his personality, even in issues where he clearly disagrees with other folks.


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