One of those days where I find myself asking why . . .
April 17, 2006, 8:11 am
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I don’t want to get into it too deep, but my denom is a wreck. The president of one of the denom’s missions agencies is being targeted in what looks like a thinly veiled political power play. This morning, the president the other primary denominational missions agency resigned under pressure after some questionable leadership decisions (nothing scandalous that I’ve heard of, but not exactly wise either). That, and I’ve seen first hand some of the scarier stuff of what the future leaders of the denom may look like recently. I’ve been on the fringes for a few years now, and this stuff really threatens to push me over the edge.

I’ve still got some darn good reasons to stay, and I’ve got no plans to bail out just yet . . . but for crying out loud . . . I’ll just stop before the profanity in my brain leaks out through my fingers.


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Glad I discovered your blog.

I’m with you about what’s happening with the mission boards. I do continue to wonder why from time to time, and then I come back to “what’s the alternative?” I don’t want us to pull the plug on all the good stuff (and there is a lot of it) because we have some dysfunctional stuff (and plenty of that too). Let’s hang in there and pray/work for change.

Comment by Brew Man

Thanks for the encouragement Brew Man . . . I will say that there are plenty of alternatives out there, and they do work – this isn’t just a “grass is always greener” kind of response, either. I know that one of my functions at this time is to help bring about small pieces of change where I can, but I have no grand hope that the denom will change for the better. If it does, it will likely be a result of some painful stuff along the way.

Comment by Steve

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