One of those days when the why gets answered . . .
April 24, 2006, 8:11 am
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Last week, I cranked on the denom again . . . this is very difficult to stay away from at times, mind you. I just like to avoid it because, well, it seems to be as effective as what my dog, Maui, is doing – she’s got some sort of seasonal allergies going on, and scratches and chews on all parts of her body that she can reach. Complaining about the denom is just like that – at the end of the day, I’m only more irritated and I have less hair. Last week I also mentioned that there are some pretty good reasons to stay connected. This past weekend counts. I got to participate in a regional spring conference. The college students there were hungry for God, and willing to go prove it with lives of service to others. Since December, our network of campus ministries has sent over 200 students to the Gulf Coast for hurricane relief work. This summer, lots more will fan out across the nation and world to follow Jesus in sacrificial ways. That rocks. Being a part of a denomination that is mission-minded helps these students connect to opportunities. There is probably a lot more complaining still left in me, but come on – let me enjoy the moment, would ya?


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