Ahhhh, Sunday, the day of rest . . .
June 26, 2006, 6:20 am
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Well, it’s supposed to be the day of rest, right? Yeah, well, sometimes that doesn’t work out so well. Yesterday afternoon, Michelle and I left home to do some errands. We were gone for about two hours. Before leaving, Michelle put some clothes in the washing machine. Upon returning we discovered that the machine had gotten stuck in mid cycle or something – it filled the wash tub of the machine, and then filled the laundry room, and began filling the garage with water. Ugh. It soaked the carpet in our downstairs areas, and through a couple walls.

Fortunately, we’ve been prepping to redo the flooring in the areas that got flooded. So basically, instead of ripping out the carpet this coming weekend, we ripped it out yesterday – it was hideously ugly carpet and had to go anyway. We found a couple layers of vinyl flooring underneath, too, which I’m sure date back to when the house was built (1977). That’s some crazy ugly stuff.

So, now I get to rip that out before laying porcelin tile this weekend. Too much fun. Actually, this is my first tile project, so I’m kind of looking forward to it. As an added bonus, instead of renting a tile saw for the whole affair, I found a pretty good one on Craig’s List last Friday night, and I’ve now added a new (used) power tool to my humble collection. I’ll take some before and after pictures and pop them on here . . . that is, if I’m proud enough of my work to show it off.

After doing the demo work in the afternoon, Michelle and I went next door, where Jeremy and Daniele were preparing a dinner of Copper River Salmon and fresh vegetables. Mmmmmmm, that was a really nice way to end an unexpectedly hard working Sunday.


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But I loved that carpet.

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