Pearl Jam and the environment
July 11, 2006, 11:27 am
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Let me say this first – Pearl Jam’s new record is stellar. Really good rock that is as fresh as their early stuff, and gives plenty of evidence as to why they’re the only viable grunge supergroup left standing.


They’ve recently announced about $100,000 in donations to various environmental organizations. Here’s the rationale: they ride in polluting buses and airplanes a lot, they play concerts that require lots of electricity, and contribute their share to the global warming problem. In order to offset this, they’re raising awareness and money to help bring about change. The band website has a link to Conservation International, which has a CO2 emissions calculator you can use to see what your carbon output is. It also suggests an annual donation amount for you to contribute in order to offset your own emissions. Brings it home in a practical way.


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While I think their attempt to make the public conscience of this issue, why should I send THEM my money? It sounds like a hook for funds by playing off the sympathy of those who feel guilty of normal living.

Then again if it works, how about we Campus Ministers take a page from their book by doing the following:
1) develop a calculator that can come up with the number of people we pass every day.

2) then have them subtract the number of people with whom they shared their faith

3) assign a $ amount to one (1) person

4) multiply the number of people not witnessed to by the $ figure.
For example, 120 (not witnessed to) x $3 (a holy number) =$360

5) guilt those who use the calculator to give this amount to Collegiate Ministry Support

Let’s call the Calculator CX3 (Confess Christ or $3)

Just a thought.


Comment by Morgan Owen

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