What "Normal" Superpower Would You Choose?
July 18, 2006, 6:02 am
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With the annual return of the superhero movies to the big screens, the other day I stumbled onto a thought. Do super powers really have to be super? Yeah, yeah, I know – Bruce Wayne doesn’t have super powers as Batman . . . but he does have a heckuva lot of money to buy super powerful toys.

But what about life for the rest of us who live outside the pages of comic books? I imagine a good lot of us would wish for something like, say, the ability to eat endless supplies of (insert your favorite food here) and never suffer the health or weight effects of it. Or how about the ability to remember anything you’ve read well enough to have intelligent conversation about it, even five or ten years after the fact?

I’m not here to suggest anything – I’m here to listen. So, what would your “normal-person” super power be? No invisibility, no flying, no climbing walls without certified climbing harnesses, ropes, and helmets allowed.


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The ability to do what I love to do and be able to live off the income.

Comment by Anonymous

can a normal person say, “the power to heal”?
a super memory would be pretty nice. Maybe to be able to tell a joke at any given moment and make anybody laugh…

Comment by ylmurph

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