Gotta love Seattle
October 5, 2006, 3:35 pm
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O.k., so it’s pretty much a no-brainer that Seattle is a liberal city, one that cares about the environment.  No big shocker, then, that recycling is a big deal here.  The thing that’s funny to me, though, is that one of the most recycling oriented people I’ve met here is a homeless guy that comes around at the end of each week’s free lunch we do for the college students – we give him leftover food.  Like other homeless folks, this guy goes dumpster diving daily – but he actually does it in order to pull cardboard, paper, aluminum, and glass out of the garbage.  Good man.


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Why are “liberal” and “cares about the environment” always attached to each other?

Comment by jeremy

It’s a good question . . . but can you name me a “conservative” city that’s well known for caring for the environment?

The way I see it, the most conservatives of the conservatives, i.e. the fundamentalist Christians who take their Bibles literally ought to be the most environmentally conscious and active people out there. Sadly many of them are quite literally in favor of trashing the planet, because it’ll guarantee that Jesus comes back sooner.

Comment by Steve

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