A weekend away, and a confession
October 16, 2006, 8:31 am
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On Friday I completed a 20 year process . . . mostly a trivial one, but hey, that’s the kind of guy I am.  The result?  I have now driven every mile of Interstate 5, from the US/Mexico border to the US/Canada border.  I went to Vancouver, B.C. for a college student conference, which was a lot of fun.  Vancouver’s a great city – super international and compelling.  It’s also a fabulous city for coffee, so you know I checked out that whole scene.  Twice I found myself enjoying Caffe Artigiano.  Mmmmmm.  Unfortunately, Michelle wasn’t able to join me for the trip, so I’ll have to bring her along some time soon.

Speaking of Michelle, after I posted about my ambivalence regarding the whole (RED) campaign the other day, I got an e-mail from her (while I was in Vancouver).  Here’s a direct quote:

Are you close to shopping?  You should go to The Gap and buy us some new (RED) T-shirts- I actually want a red one.  You’ve heard of this right?  Bono is brilliant . . .

Clearly she hadn’t read my post.  Pretty funny. 

So, to come clean, I did, in fact, find myself near a GAP store, and I did go in, and I did buy a (RED) t-shirt for Michelle.  There you go – I’m still a big bundle of contradictions.


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life is a paradox and full of contradictions! welcome to the human race! Adele

Comment by Existential Punk

Bush administration says fight terror by shopping. Bono says fight AIDS & poverty by shopping. Not sure if this is an actual dilemma but its interesting to say the least. If only I could battle sin by shopping.

Comment by Bill Bean

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