Howdy . . . I mean it . . . I really do
February 18, 2007, 12:39 pm
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Just flew home from Texas this morning. I was in the DFW area for a missions event for college students. I’m going on about 3 hours sleep right now, but it was a good good weekend. I get really stoked when I see college students with a fire in their eyes to make their lives count for more than the paycheck on the other side of their degree, or the white throne on the other end of their hangover. It was a really encouraging time with some new friends.

I’ll admit it – I talk too much trash about the South/the Bible Belt, and the Christian subculture that’s just so bloody thick there. But I shared worship with 200 students who are committing themselves to being on Kingdom mission as a lifestyle. Some will get assigned to short term projects away from home, and some will get assigned to projects lasting a full year. That’s encouraging. As with any pet issue, it’s a lot easier to talk trash when you don’t have enough friendships with the people you’re talking about.

Must sleep . . . losing coherence . . . fighting a migraine . . . looking forward to dinner alone with my favorite person.


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