Double whiplash
March 17, 2007, 12:50 pm
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I just surfed a good handful of blogs for this story, but it doesn’t seem to have surfaced. I was watching CNN Europe ealier today (I’ll explain this in another post) and they aired a story about Al Mohler. This is a guy with huge influence in my denomination, and surprisingly enough, huge influence with a number of young “emerging” leaders. I don’t count myself one of them . . . nope, not a fan (granted, I’m overly sensitive, given that he essentially called my wife, and me, “morally rebellious“). Anyway, this news story called attention to Mohler’s commentary on the potential of a homosexual gene, and whether Christian parents-to-be should “fix” the gene if found in their pre-born children.

My first case of whiplash was connected to Mohler’s seemingly open mind to a genetic factor when it comes to homosexuality. I’ve long believed that this is a likely scenario, even as scientific studies continue to be done on the topic. But Mohler? Really?? Props to him for being open to scientific discovery without a knee-jerk reaction.

But the second case of whiplash came when Mohler argued that if a gene is definitively discovered to be the “gay gene,” and a fix was possible, Christian parents should choose to go ahead and have that fixed. Wha?? Wow, he just opened Pandora’s box and didn’t bat an eye!

On one hand, he shows sensitivity to homosexuals by saying that we ought not blast homosexuals wholesale if they haven’t made a choice in their orientation. On the other hand, he wants to go around messing with fetuses to fix what God got wrong. If his argument is that God would certainly not intend a baby to be born with a predisposition to homosexual sin, then what about a predisposition to obesity (gluttonous sin)? Alcoholism? Anger? Judgementalism?

Once again, we have a Christian leader singling out homosexuality as a worse sin than others, not admitting, of course, that homosexual sin is only one form of sex outside of marriage . . . in fact, there’s a heckuva lot more pre- and extra-marital sex going on than homoesexual sex – perhaps we should fix that gene while we’re at it. Oops! Can’t do that . . . then everyone would end up “morally rebellious” like I am.


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Wow… well said. Unfortunatly, I doubt there will be too much “uptake” on this story. We wouldn’t dare challenge our leadership or default assumptions about what sins are worse than others.

Comment by jeremy

oh, and then on the local front. There is this: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/

But then Pastor Andrey Shapovalov asked the children to come forward. Bless them, he said. “Pray that none of them become homosexuals or lesbians or have abortions or live a life of crime.”


Comment by jeremy

I’m not a “defend Mohler” kind of guy but when I first heard about it I was shocked but then I read the article and he’s not saying that Christians should do it, he just proposed the question as a logical response to the way society is, both Christian and non-Christian today. Maybe I just didn’t read into it that but I didn’t think he condoned it

Comment by Michael

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