Secular Student Union
May 22, 2007, 6:26 am
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Last night I attended an event with the University of Washington Secular Student Union , co-sponsored by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. They brought Jim Henderson in to talk about his recent experiences of buying the souls of atheists, writing books with atheists, being nice to atheists, etc. He nailed it. It was the best I’ve seen Jim speak – probably more transparent with them than he is with a lot of the pastors he speaks to. After the event, about 8 of us went and ate Indian food for a couple hours and continued the conversation.

I have to say, I was super impressed by the students there (most of whom were atheists). They’re not looking to win arguments, make religious people mad, or get militant about changing the Constitution. The questions they asked Jim were insightful and genuine. It was a good time, definitely.

Jim also told me a little about what’s in the works for this year’s Off The Map event in November. It’s a bit of a different format from the past couple of years, but sounds creative, energetic, and musically delicious.


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Thanks for posting your comments about the SSU meeting, Steve!

I’ve reposted them on Off The Map’s eBay atheist blog here:

Feedback on Secular Student Meeting

Comment by Helen

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