Living the 4th Commandment
May 25, 2007, 5:58 pm
Filed under: conference, sabbath

I spent the past few days in the land of paradoxy. I was at a retreat for my colleagues in Northwest Collegiate Ministries – folks from all over Oregon, Washington, and Northern Idaho. The topic of the retreat was Sabbath . . . which sounded ever so refreshing to me. Unfortunately, because I don’t get a chance to see my friends in ministry that frequently, I stayed up way too late, and got way too tired . . . quite un-Sabbath-like! But hey, at least it took place just in front of a three day holiday weekend, right? Sabbath time indeed!

The presentations given by my boss-man, and good friend Wes and his wife Charlene were really terrific. It wasn’t just about convincing us that it’s good to take a day off – they actually did a terrific job of making it real for people. In particular, I was pleased with how they integrated personality types into the discussion.

At one point, Charlene talked about how inconsistent and hypocritical we are when it comes to the 10 Commandments. We place great importance on the marital fidelity thing and the coveting thing (which is, of course, good), but we very regularly totally dismiss the Sabbath rhythms that remind us that we’re finite, and most assuredly NOT God.

I am going to make strong efforts at developing a workable Sabbath rhythm. It’ll be hard, I know. But what a great place to start in being counter-culture in our workaholic, consumeristic culture.


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Wow, that’s so crazy-I spent time this past week with a lot friends that I never get to see and I could have stayed up all night chatting. Maybe I should blog about it…

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