Mixed messages
June 14, 2007, 12:44 pm
Filed under: denomination

So this is the week each year where I clinch my teeth and hold my breath – hoping against hope that something silly or bizarre won’t happen. I also await the annual addition to the long list of things I’m supposed to boycott. It’s the week of my denomination’s big annual meetings.

So far, nothing too weird has hit the press. But I was scanning the denomination’s news site a few minutes ago and found two stories. One was about the denomination stepping up its ministry to homosexuals. O.k., I suppose, depending on how “ministry” is defined and carried out. The other story, though, was about a resolution that was approved by the attendees, “opposing hate crimes legislation that includes homosexuals and transgendered persons as protected classes.”

So let me get this straight – we want to reach out and “help” homosexuals . . . but we don’t want to help protect them from getting singled out for violence because of their homosexuality? How do you think that one’s gonna play in the LGBT community?

Just for the sake of clarity, this resolution, as with all resolutions that are voted on in my denomination is only symbolic in value – it is not binding for churches or entities of the denomination. Thankfully, I can continue to be a gay-loving, grace-extending member of the denom . . . whew!!


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