Oh yeah, I’m still an idiot dude
June 20, 2007, 9:29 am
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This summer I get the pleasure of officiating two weddings – the first of which is this weekend. The second of these is a bit later in the summer, and I’m starting some premarital counseling soon with the couple – young, bright. fun, level-headed. The bride-to-be works with Michelle, and I made a book recommendation to the couple through Michelle this week. It’s a book that we read together a few years back and found interesting, so I suggested it.

Apparently, without me noticing a thing, the book has a noticeable male bias. The bride-to-be had started the book a while back on her own, but found it pretty demeaning. Michelle’s suggestion was that given that most of my theological positions have shifted around pretty significantly in recent years, perhaps it would be good to review my list of book choices that predate the era of shifts. Hmmmm, that’s probably wise. I can already pull a few volumes off my mental bookshelf that I really valued when I read them, but are something less than helpful now.

Humbling to know that I’m still a chauvanist, despite all this pseudo-enlightening I’ve been up to.

So, anyone know of some good, healthy premarital books that are equally honoring and respectful to both genders?


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For the last 11 years I’ve used “Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts” by Les and Lee Parrott. I has always been great at starting discussions. They used to make a workbook for the bride and the groom.
One couple I married pointed me to a book called “Sacred Marriage”. Haven’t read it yet, though.


Comment by Morgan Owen

what was the first book your recommend?

Comment by Petey

I have been using “Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts” also. It is great. The Parrots have recently developed a 7 session DVD that is a helpful to supplement pre-marrage counciling. They are at SPU, so you could possibly get in on some continuing ed in your own back yard. I hope to do so in the next years.

Comment by Chad Pumpelly

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