Where Do You Get Your News?
August 10, 2007, 12:33 pm
Filed under: culture, friends, media, prayer

For the past several days, Eugene Cho has been keeping us up to date on the hostage situation involving a Korean relief worker team. He has asked many times over why this story hasn’t been covered more widely by the major U.S. media outlets.

Just to confirm this, in the past five minutes I’ve scanned a few news sites (their front pages only) for mentions of the situation. Fox News? Nope. CNN? Nope. US News & World Report? Yes, if you’re willing to scroll to the bottom of the page. Time? Yes, a link at the top of the page. Of the pages I’ve scanned so far, you know who has the most prominent and eye catching emphasis of the story? Try Al Jazeera. The UK edition of BBC also gets honorable mention. Actually, when I look for news headlines, I do so via my RSS reader, and I have three news feeds – Al Jazeera, BBC, and US News & World Report. I hardly ever visit the other pages I’ve mentioned . . . seems that I get my fill of stories about Spears, Lohan, Vick, Beckham, etc. elsewhere.

By the way, these are Christians being held hostage . . . which leaves me wondering why my denomination’s “news” page’s latest coverage of the story is four days old.

By way of update, Korean officials are now in talks with the Taliban. Pray for this as you are able.


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