I’m pretty sure I’ll wake up soon . . .
August 20, 2007, 5:51 am
Filed under: denomination, friends, sabbath, school, the purple door, travel

. . . and when I do, I’ll wonder where my summer went. Wow, it’s continued to be super busy. Transitioning at the Purple Door, welcoming new staff, cranking on school, etc. At the end of last week, I had a quick trip to Atlanta for some meetings at one of the denom’s big mission centers. It was a good trip – got to see some George Fox school buds for dinner, and the work project at the denom went very well.

I’m quite certain at this point that one of the key things that’s kept me sane has been my renewed “efforts” in the area of Sabbath. I’ve not been perfect, mind you, but more often than not, I’ve been able to significantly mellow out and spend some down time reflecting, talking at a reasonable pace with my lovely wife, and realizing that the world will still be waiting for me when the day is over.

I only have two weeks left before my DMin school stuff gets going again, which means I need to hustle hard to get my summer school stuff knocked out. The classes I’ve taken this summer are on Jewish scripture . . . what we Christians call the Old Testament. That’s been interesting, in the sense that it’s a wonderful reminder to me that God’s Kingdom has always been central in scripture, and that our story goes back a long, long time. Even the legal focus of these texts points in a direction that focuses on the true King, and the fitting response of his people.

Like it or not, the next few months are gonna stay hectic. In fact, I can almost guarantee that things will get “worse” before they start getting “better.” It’s almost all good stuff, though, so I don’t want to complain (much).

Peace to all who read this.


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