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September 22, 2007, 2:56 pm
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I just updated the list of books that I have read, as well as the list of books I intend to finish by the end of the year. There are a few more books I need to add to the “to be read” list, but I’ll pop those on the ‘ol blog later. I dare not linger too long on what’s left to be read, because it’s pretty overwhelming. I’m not an overly fast reader, nor am I an amazing retainer of the things I’ve read, unless it’s super good. Usually, I’m good for a few general summary sentences, but not a thorough review.

Anyway, the reading list alone should indicate why I haven’t been blogging as frequently, as well as the likelihood that my frequency will change much in the near future. Maybe I’ll just pop a bunch of YouTube videos on here to keep people entertained . . . as if anyone comes here for the entertainment value.


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so which ones do you recommend?

and you read Polanyi? and survived?

Comment by john chandler

Let’s see . . . of what I’ve read this year, I would recommend:

The Kite Runner – excellent fiction
The Starfish & The Spider – good business/organizational thinking read
Transforming Mission – heavy, hard work missiology, but super important
They Like Jesus, But Not the Church – nothing too shocking, but a pretty good description of culture and faith.

And yes, I did read Polanyi, and survived. It was work, but it turns out to be sort of a boot camp for studying postmodernism.

Comment by Steve

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