Intense Week
November 9, 2007, 7:30 am
Filed under: conference, culture, inter::mission, school, the purple door

Wow, this has been a heavy set of days for me. Having come off of two conferences last weekend (one of which involved around 12 hours of driving round trip to attend), I’ve had a heavy school project working – hard work on structuring my dissertation and outlines. Much frustration here. I know the work will pay off, but oi! It’s funny, because words and writing and ideas have always been pretty easy for me, but there have been multiple moments this week where I’ve felt the same as I did in my college chemistry classes – completely stuck. I’m making small breakthroughs, so no worries. I’m just whining.

In better news, we had another teach-in with inter::mission last night. Good times. I made enchiladas, guacamole, and some cinnamon tortilla chips. Tasty, if I must say so myself. Mike Gunn, pastor of Harambee Church in Renton, WA joined us for a discussion of gospel and culture. I really enjoyed that a lot. Mike is skillful at reading culture, as evidenced by his movie reviews over on Hollywood Jesus. His approach to culture is in the tradition of Lesslie Newbigin. He also made reference to Kevin Vanhoozer’s book, Everyday Theology . . . though that mention made me sad, as that book has been sitting unread on my desk for the past two or three months . . . even now, it’s only about thirteenpointfive inches away from my left elbow, mocking me, taunting me, daring me to lay aside the piles of school books I’m already delinquent on . . . but I digress. Mike hammered the Christian ghetto culture more than the culture of the bigbaduglyworld, which is a no brainer for some of us, but a stunningly new approach for many. All in all, it was another stellar evening at The Purple Door, and another signal that we’re continuing to move in a quality direction.


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missed ya at OTM this year. Hope all is well, bro.

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