Funny little things
November 21, 2007, 7:25 am
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I just noticed that in the Facebook e-mail environment, the spell-checker flags “Facebook” as a misspelled word.

And since I’m talking about it, is it just me, or is Facebook super slow today??


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hi steve. Okay, I have no idea if you are the Steve Lewis that I used to know. This is Sarah Olmos from Hawaii. My dad, Mark Olmos, was the pastor of Faith Christian Fellowship. There was a youth leader named Steve Lewis who later moved to the mainland for seminary or something like that. It was so long ago, but I stumbled across your site and I was just wondering if you are the same Steve Lewis from FCF.

Comment by that one girl

Sorry Sarah . . . I did spend three months in Maui right after high school, but I wasn’t a youth pastor.

Alas, there are many of us Steve Lewises around. I’m in a Facebook group called “I’m Steve Lewis,” which currently has 64 members.

Good luck finding the “real” Steve Lewis . . . at least the real one you’re looking for.

Comment by Steve

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