Quiet days on the blog . . . so what’s new?
December 3, 2007, 12:19 am
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Hey there. Just thought I’d say that.

My posting ’round these parts has been sparse of late, which is due mainly to school stuff. I’ve read well over 1500 pages of books and articles in the past two weeks, in addition to my normal work responsibilities. At about this time next week (that’s 11:30pm on Sunday, for those of you who are keeping track), I hope to be polishing up my written work for the semester, and then I hope to sleep and breathe a little more than I have been. With the launch of inter::mission and some additional coursework I’m required to do, this semester has been extremely challenging. It appears that I’ll emerge intact, but definitely tired.

Oh, speaking of inter::mission, we did our final teach-in of the Fall quarter this past Thursday. I interviewed our newest staff member, Johnson, who literally just came back from the jungles of Peru, where he spent the past three years. He’s a good guy, with some great stories and perspectives, so that was fun.

On Friday, Michelle and I also celebrated 11 years of marriage. We were going to go try an Italian restaurant we hadn’t been to before to celebrate, but our house got something close to 5 inches of snow yesterday, so we had to stay closer to home. Thankfully, the point is my beautiful wife and our life together. Good times.

We also got a visit from my bud, Petey, who was here with his wife and daughter from Corvallis, Oregon. Walked through Pike Place Market and Left Bank Books. Picked up some posters by Nikki McClure – terrific, hopeful, thought provoking artist.

So you see, I’ve been a busy boy! Apparently, no time for blogging, because I’m doing too much living. I’m guessing it’s better that way.



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congrats on 11 years! The snow screwed up our weekend also 😦

BTW, I don’t get the correlation of the picture with the post… care to explain?

Comment by jeremy

The picture didn’t line up very nicely – it’s by Nikki McClure, the artist I mentioned in the post.

Comment by Steve

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