Changing patterns of communication
January 4, 2008, 10:41 am
Filed under: technology

As I’m easing myself into a new year, I find myself doing some cleanup in my e-mail Inbox.  This means I am faced with a substantial wave of guilty feelings.  Mainly because I am having to face the fact that I’ve not responded to what feels like 4,237 messages.  I feel badly for disrespecting people, lazy for allowing myself to get distracted <he writes on his blog, rather than replying to e-mail>, and puzzled about how things have changed for me.  It wasn’t that long ago that e-mail was my favored form of quick communication.  I’ve never been good at IMing, and I’ve spent enough of my working life attached to an office phone that e-mail has always been attractive.  In many ways, I still prefer it – I have written records of what’s gone on, visual reminders of what needs to get done, etc.

So, I’m trying to figure out why I’ve become such a flake in terms of replying to people.  I don’t intend it as blowing people off, but it does communicate that.  So, if you’re one of the people I’ve failed to reply to, please accept my apologies, and know that one of my goals for 2008 is to improve on this.  Perhaps I’ll do so through adopting a different approach.

While I’m not looking to justify myself in any way here, I’ll note that I don’t think I’m alone in this e-mail malaise.  I was talking to someone a couple months ago who said, “E-mail is the bane of my existence.”  I laughed to myself, because a) I knew the feeling, and b) I’ve sent this guy at least a few unreplied-to messages over the past several months.

I have a couple friends that are trying (extremely hard, mind you) to get me to jump on the text messaging bandwagon.  Don’t know if I’ll really go there or not.  At this point, I’m still at a point where I send and receive few enough texts per month that it doesn’t benefit me to buy into a texting plan on my mobile phone.

But any hints y’all readers can give me on how I can improve communication with the people I value, give me a shout, eh?


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BTW, I didn’t have any problem getting your feed name to show up in Google Reader… looks like you either figured it out, or didn’t realize you did :).

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